Hospice Care Services in Phoenix, AZ

Pillars Hospice Care provides compassionate and kind hospice care services in Phoenix, AZ. Owned and operated by three nurses, we have the training, experience, and knowledge to help patients, their families, and their friends through this trying and difficult time. Personalized service and attention are qualities that you can expect from everyone on our staff. With a combined 140 years of experience, our nurses help create an atmosphere that is comfortable, calm, and relaxing. We provide in-home hospice services, meaning we come to the patient's home, whether that is in a family member's house, assisted living center, or group home.

Senior Man with a Hospice Nurse in Phoenix, AZ

Hospice Care Surrounded by One Mission

Our mission has always been to provide quality patient and family-centered care to those affected by life-limiting illnesses. Our highly trained hospice team is committed to ensuring your loved one receives care of the highest quality. Spiritual, physical, and emotional support are the key cornerstones of our care.

What Hospice Care Is

Hospice provides emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support for individuals suffering from a terminal illness. Hospice focuses on comfort and the quality of life, not curing an illness. It is used to make patients as comfortable as possible while controlling and limiting any pain or discomfort.

Who is Eligible to Receive Hospice

Hospice services are available for patients of any race, religion, age, or illness. Patients who are eligible for hospice have a life expectancy of 6 months or less.

Myth Surround Hospice

Many people believe that hospice is only used when all resources have been exhausted and when there is no hope left. This couldn't be further from the truth. It is not used as last resort, but rather, as a way for patients to spend quality time with their loved ones before they pass. It is meant to be a time for reflection and meaning.

How Hospice Is Covered Financially

In order to be eligible for hospice care under Medicare, an individual must be certified as terminally ill and be able to check off Part A of Medicare. Private insurance may be used as additional payer sources. Regardless of coverage or lack of coverage, no person will be denied hospice care.

Where Hospice Care Is Provided

Hospice care and services are delivered to the patient in their family member's home, assisted living center, group home, or wherever the patient lives.

Services Hospice Provides

  • Nursing Services (Routinely Available and On-Call on a 24-Hour Basis, 7 Days A Week)
  • Physician and Nurse Practitioner Services
  • Emotional Support, Bereavement, and Dietary Counseling
  • Volunteer Service
  • Hospice Is Responsible For Medical Supplies (Including Drugs and Biologicals on a 24-Hour Basis)
  • Continuous Home Care during Crisis Intervention
  • Medical Social Work Services, Counseling Including But Not Limited to Spiritual 
  • The Use of Medical Equipment Related To the Terminal Diagnosis and Related Conditions
  • Certified Nursing Assistance/Home Health Aide Visits
  • Short-Term Respite Care in a Medicare Participating Facility
Helping Hands in Phoenix, AZ

Contact us to learn more about hospice care services. We work with families and loved ones in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and Glendale, Arizona, as well as all Maricopa County.